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Is that Kim Jong-un flashing a victory sign to pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong-born Australian Howard, who refuses to give his surname in order to keep his music and impersonation careers separate, has perfected his wave and stern smile - and even his recent limp.
Amy Poehler
Mike Tyson


Howard Stern Website Releases Richard Christie Halloween Video

Ramos is an artist and Stern fan whose other work can be found at In addition to his work on the Stern show Christy is a well-regarded heavy metal drummer who has released two albums with has band Charred Walls of the Damned.

Howard Stern airing Rob Zombie Scottsdale haunt concert performances at his Great American Nightmare Halloween attractions will air Halloween night 6-7 p.m. on Howard Stern's SiriusXM channel Howard 101. The concerts were recorded at the Sept. 19 opening night for Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare ...

ROB ZOMBIE's 'Great American Nightmare' Concert Highlights To Air On

BLABBERMOUTH.NET: Highlights from Rob Zombie's two performances at his Great American Nightmare Halloween attraction will be heard Halloween night — Friday, October 31 — from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Howard Stern's SiriusXM channel Howard 101.

Mike Tyson claims he and Robin Williams had the same drug dealer, explains reaction to comedian’s death

Mike Tyson is doing the talk show circuit again to promote a cartoon, but his conversation with Howard Stern Wednesday was very serious.

Mike Tyson says he and Robin Williams had same drug dealer

USA TODAY: Mike Tyson knew Robin Williams, he told Howard Stern in a SiriusXM radio interview Wednesday. And they even had the same drug dealer at one point. The boxer/actor was talking about addiction, depression and his battle with demons. He explained to ...

Amy Poehler Has 'A Great Face for Wigs': Highlights from Her 'Yes, Please' Press Blitz

Amy Poehler's memoir "Yes, Please," comes out today. Yesterday, Poehler launched a promotional salvo, including interviews with the yin and yang of entertainment: Terry Gross and Howard Stern. Poehler's book features intimate details, including an ode to her own intimates — "the Angelina Jolie of vaginas." But the actress's talks with Gross and Stern yielded even more insight. Below are ...

Mike Tyson Tells Howard Stern About Converting to Islam

Mike Tyson was on the Howard Stern Show Wednesday morning, and talked to Stern about his life experience as a converted Muslim man. "You see what's going on now in the world, with our enemies, this Isis, the Taliban, and they're using the name of Islam ...


Dan Henderson


David Cassidy


Bradley Klahn


Brandon Knight


Bradley Manning



Jim Carrey Tells Howard Stern About Marijuana Addiction

On the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning, Jim Carrey opened up to Howard Stern about his pot smoking habits. "Don't smoke pot," Carrey advocated. "I've had an addition to pot from time to time." When the pressure gets going, so do the joints, and ...

Amy Poehler Wants Howard Stern to Stop Talking About JD Harmeyer's Girlfriend

On the Howard Stern Show Monday morning, Amy Poehler—a fan of the Stern Show—told Stern she did not appreciate all the talk about JD Harmeyer's girlfriend. "I find it very stressful," Poehler said. "A new relationship needs to grow, and if it's ...

Eric André Tells Howard Stern About Grabbing Mel B's Boobs

On the Howard Stern Show Wednesday morning, Eric André talked about a lot of the crazy antics he's had on his show, including a few with the former Spice Girls' star, Mel B. "She was awesome. Total sweet, totally got that we're just being f***ers ...

Jim Carrey Has No Interest in Getting Married Ever Again: "I Wouldn't Voluntarily Go That Way"

Ladies who are interested in Jim Carrey, there is something you should know. The Dumb and Dumber To actor appeared on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning where the conversation...

Amy Poehler opens up on her maybe-date with John Stamos on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Amy Poehler went on the Howard Stern Show and talked about a whole lot of fun things, including life after


Amy Poehler opens up on her maybe-date with John Stamos on 'The Howard

Entertainment Weekly: ... when the subject switched to Poehler's divorce from Will Arnett. Poehler then delved into discussion of her single life, namely a one-off date with Uncle Jesse himself. “I can't believe I'm telling this story, but it's Howard Stern, so there you go ...

Amy Poehler Opens Up About Her 'Date' With John Stamos

The 43-year-old actress reveals that she went on a dinner date with the 51-year-old actor following her separation from her husband Will Arnett in 2012.


Howard Stern Remembers Jack Bruce

"Jack Bruce...look I was a huge Cream fan," Stern said. "I loved that band. I thought they were so terrific together. What a lot of people don't know is that Jack Bruce wrote a lot of the Cream songs. He wrote 'Sunshine of Your love.' People just ...


7 Definitely Not Dumb Things We Learned About Jim Carrey on 'Howard Stern

TheWrap: To sit on Stern's couch can often equate to chugging a gallon of truth serum and Carrey was no exception. The actor and comedian shared stories from both his professional and private lives that left fans stunned. Here are the seven most shocking items ...

Jim Carrey says he doesn't plan on getting married again

Dumb and Dumber To actor, Jim Carrey , wants to let one thing be known: he's not interested in ever getting married again.


Amy Poehler Talks Porn & Sex Tips On Howard Stern Show (LISTEN)

Gossip Cop: Amy Poehler talked about porn, her sex life, divorcing Will Arnett, acting with Lindsay Lohan and rapping for Sarah Palin during a wide-ranging interview on Monday's “The Howard Stern Show.” The actress covers a lot of very personal topics in her book ...

Amy Poehler says she went on a date with John Stamos but 'blew it'

It seems like an unlikely couple, but Amy Poehler has revealed she went on a date with John Stamos after her split from husband of 10 years, Will Arnett. While promoting her book Yes Please on Howard Stern's radio show, she told the shock jock that Stamos asked her to dinner after they worked on the film They Came Together together.


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